Some country fencin around PaPaw’s.

First of all I thank the Holy Good Lord for my precious and loving Mom and Dad, Howard and Carol. They raised me and my two younger sisters to be women of grace, love, faith and thanksgiving. They taught us to have great courage, be hard working with constant integrity while also instilling righteous values such as Loving and obeying God and Jesus first of all and then second treating others as we would like to be treated. Mommy would always help us girls to dress up so cute and if we ever had an argument she would make us hug, kiss and make up by saying we are sorry and forgiving one another right away. Some of our greatest childhood memories were on the big farm in Ohio where we had a garden, crops, pond, a horse, beef and milk cows, pony, a beloved Old English Sheep dog named Patty, lots of pigs, chickens, cats, a crazy goat, a rabbit named mr. nibbles and a big white duck. Daddy always told me to find something that I like to do that brings me joy and do that for my life’s work so that I can be happy, “Because life is too short to be doing something that does not bring you joy” he said. Mom and Dad were both working hard in a factory at the time he told me that and as far as I can remember they were not very happy to do so because of being underpaid and overworked . I believe that’s what made his statement have such a profound affect on my life.


One of PaPaw’s workshops.

There were many moves in our lives when I was a girl at home with them yet that caused me to be welcome to good new adventures, making new friends and learning from many experiences in life’s classroom. Family moves took us all from the city and suburbs, from the factory work to the country, to daily farming and living off the land then back to town living again. They owned and operated a few music stores, a recording studio, and a family restaurant and game room in a small Kentucky town. After that there were moves to other various businesses with a new various Florida places to live. They have done so many different things in life I just cant remember them all. They are settled down now and enjoy life in central Florida where they have been pickin for over 30 years. I remember they told me I could do what ever I wanted to do and I believed them. It took me a little while yet with their loving encouragements and prayers of faith my husband Gary and I are now living out our many dreams the main one is joyfully following the Lords Apostolic calling on our lives as Ministers, Psalmist and Worship leaders, Glory to God forever for His Goodness, for Jesus and for the precious Family and friends He gives us to love.

I enjoy spending time with my very beloved family : there is wonderful and fun Mom and Dad, my beautiful, sweet, precious and gifted Daughter, kind Son in law and 4 super marvelous and extremely gifted and blessed Grandchildren, my 2 Sisters, Grandma and many other loved family members. As we organized a very special party Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary with Family and Friends this year 2014. They married soon after Dad had served in the United States Army. Daddy has helped to bury many Honored American Veterans by volunteering as an Honor Guard giving the Gun Salute and folding many American flags for their Families and Mama works for the Honor Guard too by taking the phone calls to schedule the funerals for the U.S. Veterans and American Soldiers. Mom and Dad have 2 other beautiful blessed and precious grown Daughters after me, 5 blessed precious Grandchildren, 10 brilliant and blessed Great Grandchildren and 2 more on the way!


Cowboy PaPaw’s Grandpa Ken standing on horse.

Howard and Carol began Pickin and grinnin in 1977 after they moved from Kentucky to Florida that’s 37 years ! Mom and Dad have always been very good in business, wonderfully talented in many areas, musical, always creative and artistic.You should see Daddy’s creative collection of coca cola arts and refurbished old gas pumps that he made himself …sooo cool! I wouldn’t dare drink a coke product but I have to admit they are very nostalgic ! Mama taught me to sing as I heard her sweet voice in the little country Churches often as I was growing up, shes so amazing! Daddy sings great too and taught me to play the old family guitar and gave me my first one as a very special gift. Its so very special because it was given to him by his Dad. Thanks again Daddy, its one of my most favorite things! (NO, its not for sale.) I love to hear them singing the old Church Hymns and playing music together. Some of my fondest memories are those of us all singing as we traveled in the family car to and fro wherever singing “Daddy sang bass, Mama sang tenor me and little sister will join right in there, singin seams to help the troubled soul!” when Daddy would get real low in his bass voice we would all have a great big laugh! They still call me their baby and I still call them Mommy and Daddy. As you can tell I love them very much they are soooo precious to me! One of the amazing things I found out after asking some questions about my family tree is my Dads Grandpa was a singing Christian Cowboy Papaw too!!!! Here is an old pic of my Daddys Cowboy Papaw standing on the back of a horse with his gun in belt and rifle in horse holster!


This is Howard at 3 1/2 years old.

Mom and Dad were Pickin and reselling old and new guitars, BB guns, toys, antiques, cars and collectibles before it was cool! One of their favorite things to watch on tv is, you guessed it… the American Pickers…Lol…I often see them listening to Mike and Frank tell their picker stories and learnin from them as they scan the country side….Daddy will usually call for Mamas fresh hot buttered popcorn of course! I encourage them to eat the non-gmo organic kind…yes Daddy, it IS very important!!!

Flea markets, yard sales, eBay and Craigslist are a few of their hot spots for the real deals as they pass them on to the other folks, collectors and pickers out there. When we visit I often hear them laughing and talking about there “new finds” and “real deals”  it sounds like they are doing something they really like now…so make em even more happy for me and buy lots of their stuff okay. They will treat you right and there will most probably be many new things listed a few times per week, so check back often and tell all your family and friends about “Cowboy PaPaw’s” online Pickers store. Oh yes, the reason we called the website “Cowboy Papaw’s” is because Dad has usually been seen wearing  his jeans, Cowboy boots, hat, belt, and shirts with the bolo and old style Cowboy accessories. We often find him playing music on one of his many guitars or fixing something old up to look like new, watchin an old western movie, a funny cartoon,  a Picker show or eating Mommys great tasting country cookin. Mom and Dad are retired now and need to supplement their income so your purchases are helping to give them a better quality of life and we all want to keep em pickin and grinnin, for this my family and I thank you.

You see, my Daddy is doing what makes him happy and living out one of his dreams too, for when my Grandma and Grandpa dressed him up in his first little cowboy outfit at the age of 3 1/2 and set him on a little pony he knew then that he wanted to be a real Cowboy. Now my Mama stands with her Cowboy man and serves him as his faithful wife and sweet friend. (If you ask her she might share the recipe of her prize winning coleslaw with you! Scoot over Kernel Sanders.) My precious Grandchildren lovingly refer to my Dad as their “Cowboy Papaw”  that was started by my Daughter Ashlee when they asked her about their Great Grandpa  from a picture they saw of him on a little old t-shirt that used to be hers… it is a pic of him dressed in his Cowboy hat with a big smile just for her. She answered that question from her fond memories as a little girl spending time with her Cowboy Papaw eatin boiled peanuts from the flea markets while listening to his Picker stories. I’m sure that some of his fondest memories are of his little Granddaughter Ashlee doing so many things to make him and Mama laugh with her adorable, quick wit energetic and fun personality. By the way when she wants to be she can be a good little Picker too!

Feel free to frequently shop South Floridas All American Pickers Paradise “Cowboy Papaws” online store, respectfully run by my Mom and Dad,  Howard and Carol.

May our Holy Father God and His Son Jesus Christ our Savior greatly bless you and yours… you are loved,

Their Daughter and Son in Law,

Gary and  Rhonda  … Psalm 103:  Bless the Lord…